Sprinter I - ECOline

Sprinter I - ECOline

The Sprinter ECOline kayak is perfect for rental and private users. Canoe made of LD polyethylene. It has very comfortable folding seats. The bow protrudes above the available waters which allows overcoming obstacles. Folded backrests also facilitate transport.

The Sprinter kayak is a popular kayak that enjoys ever-increasing recognition among rafting organizers and kayak rental owners. It is a universal structure and the possibility of using it on winding, narrow rivers as well as on calm waters of the lake means that this kayak has a wide group of dedicated users.

Replaceable keel cap on your Sprinter kayak to solve the problem of the big cut problem when joining your kayak on the shore.

They are recommended for advanced people as well as less experienced swimmers. They are used by individual canoeists as well as rafting organizers. Their high quality goes hand in hand with reasonable price

High banks protect against water getting into it. The Sprinter has also been precisely profiled so that it can be easily controlled and the correct flow direction maintained. Replaceable keel cap on the Sprinter kayak to solve the big problem of intersection when joining the kayak on the shore.



Features of the Sprinter EcoLine kayak:

- kayak made of Super Linear LD polyethylene,

- resistance to threats,

- simple construction - covered by assembly, minimum parts that can be damaged,

- folding comfortable seats - the possibility of transporting the oars inside the kayak,

- high cockpit - limiting water from entering the kayak,

- changed shape of the bow improving buoyancy of the kayak,

- properly profiled bottom - easy keeping direction on the water

and download maneuvers, improving form 2018.

- unsinkable construction - safety on the water

- comfortable "T" type handles - easy carrying, transporting the kayak,

- secure the ends of the keel

- spare parts availability - armchairs, handles, footrests


Sprinter EcoLine Standard Kayak:

- Polyethylene construction

- 2 seats with backs and place for a drink

- 2 handles for carrying the T-kayak

- Backrest set

- Overlay per kilo


Length 4,14m
Width 78cm
Height side 35cm
Max hight 37cm
Weight 35kg
Displacement 260kg
Cockpit inside 198cm x 50cm