Double kayaky Eoli - ECOline

Double kayaky Eoli - ECOline

 EOLI is a great kayak for several day canoeing trips.
Rigid construction, large displacement, good floating capabilities and extended cockpit, where two adult and one child seats are installed are strong advantages of this unit.
Great stability provides safe and comfort use.
It is equipped with comfortable, durable seats with foldable backrests and a bottle or can holder.
A child seat with backrest is in standard equipment, easy to install forward-, or rearward- facing.
Large exchangeable keel coating repossess abrasions made when dragging kayak on shores.

Standard equipment contains:
- A child seat with backrest
- Durable, zig-zag type footrests
- Front rigging – flexible tripwires map-case
- Exchangeable keel coating, repossessing abrasions.
- The drain plug, situated on bow allows draining of accumulated water
- Ergonomic, durable holders

Additional equipment:
- Rudder
- Waterproof bulkhead with flexible cap and back rigging.
- Net on map-case
- Inner pockets


Standard colors:
Yellow and red
Yellow and orange
Yellow and green
Blue and white
Red and black


Length 4,7m
Width 76cm
Height side 29cm
Max hight 34cm
Weight 42kg
Displacement 300kg
Cockpit inside 220cm x 50cm